Price list for tracing - Insurance companies

Insurance value in EUR
Fee as a percentage
0 - 1000 40
1000 - 2500 35
2500 - 5000 30
5000 - 20000 25

For values over EUR 20000: Contact Godsletaren for offer!

Minimum fee: EUR 250 (Unsuccessful tracing: EUR 0) For exceptions, see Terms of sale - Tracing

Godsletaren charges fees as percentages of insurance values. However, if the rest value is lower than the insurance value, the fee will be based on the rest value instead. Compare Terms of sale - Tracing.

For insurance values stated in other currencies, the present rate of exchange will be used for recalculation into EUR. "Present" refers to the date on which the shipment/ package was recovered.

If the goods cannot be found no fee will be charged! For exceptions, see Terms of sale - Tracing

Swedish VAT will be added on invoices to Swedish companies.

Go to Terms of sale - Tracing

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