TERMS OF SALE - TRACING for Insurance Companies

1. The finder's fee will be calculated according to the separate price list. The "No goods - no fee" principle applies and this principle deviates from the "No cure - no pay" principle in that the full fee will always be charged if the goods are found in good condition, regardless how and where. A basic fee of EUR 250 will also be charged for tracing cargo, liable to theft. Whether this is the case must be agreed upon before the tracing starts.

2. If a job is given to Godsletaren Tracing within a month from the loss, a deduction of 25% will be made from the above fee.

3. The client has the right to cancel a job at one week's notice. Should something occur that affects the value of the goods (like payment to the insured, ordering of a replacement delivery, reduction of the goods value due to pronounced fashion nature etc) Godsletaren Tracing shall be notified immediately. The conditions for a continued tracing should then be negotiated.

4. Godsletaren Tracing charges full compensation according to price list for a successful tracing, whether or not it can be proved to be the result of activities of Godsletaren Tracing.

5. When Godsletaren Tracing accepts a job, active tracing will be performed until the goods are found, until the client cancels the job (see paragraph 3) or Godsletaren Tracing informs that chances to find the goods have decreased so much that the active tracing is put to an end. If nothing else is requested, the details of goods, transport and tracing will be kept in the files of Godsletaren Tracing.

6. If Godsletaren Tracing should find the goods after the job is cancelled, a fee as mentioned in paragraph 1 will be charged. However, in these cases the fee is based on the rest value. If the client has no interest on the goods, no fee will be charged. If Godsletaren Tracing shall sell the goods an extra fee will be charged.

7. If the goods is not found no fee will be charged. In such a case the client will be offered a report which describes the tracing and its results. This report can serve as a basis for the payment to the insuree.

8. If Godsletaren Tracing supplies such information that the client doesn't have to pay the insuree, a fee will be debited according to paragraph 1 but with a deduction of 25% from the total fee.

9. Terms of payment: 20 days net

10. The paragraphs above are normally negotiable but deviations must be confirmed in writing.

These terms of sale are written with insurance companies in mind, but can be adjusted to suit other clients as well. Please contact Godsletaren Tracing.

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